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04/10/17 – Horned Ewe/Mule Ewe Show and Sale

The Horned Ewe and Mule Ewe show and sale finished off the autumn sheep sales 2017.
Thanks to the judge Alwyn McFarlane, Dungiven

Prizes awarded:

Best pen of Aged Horned Ewes
1st- P. McGuigan
2nd- L. McEldowney

Best Pen of Horned Hoggets 
1st- P. McGuigan
2nd- N. McClure

Best Pen of Mules.
1st- M. Connell
2nd- S. McEldowney

Top pens of Horned aged ewes selling to £66. Averaging to £58.

Horned hoggets averaging £111 top pen making £130.

Mule hoggets averaging £125 top couple of pens making £130.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support over our autumn sales!