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13/09/17 – Mule Ewe Lamb Show and Sale

13th September 2017 saw a packed ringside witness our annual mule ewe lamb show & sale. The standard in entries was evident, with a sale average of £100.20 per head for the 763 lambs sold.  Firstly we would like to thank our judge for the evening Mr Hugo McKeegan, who had the unenviable task of judging the many quality lots put forward.

Congratulations must go to Mr Dermot McCullagh who was awarded first prize for his top pen of 10 ewe lambs, which later went on to make the top price of £162. Mr McCullagh was also awarded fourth prize for his fourth pen, which made the next highest price of £150. Overall Mr McCullagh gained a pen average of £123 for his 15 lots presented. Further congratulations must go to Mr Dominic McCrystal who was awarded second prize for his top pen of 10 ewe lambs, which later sold for £130. Finally, congratulations must go to Mr Dermot Cassidy who was awarded third prize for his top pen, which sold for £118.

High sellers as follows:
Mr Dermot McCullagh £162, £150, £140, £138, £138, £130, £130, £126, £112, £110, £106, £106, £100, £100
Mr Dominic McCrystal £130, £120, £114, £112, £112, £106
Mr Seamus Harkin £128
Mr Dermot Cassidy £118
Messrs Patrick & Michael Mullan £116, £114, £106
Mr Laurence McEldowney £112, £102
Mr Paul McSwiggan £110
Mr Sean McEldowney £106
Mr Philip McNicholl £104
Mr Steven McGovern £100

We would like to congratulate vendors for the quality of entries put forward and wish all buyers success with their new purchases.